Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I decided to come to Ovation, I was in constant pain. I was having problems with my lower back. Working at a desk much of the day was not helping my back at all. I was also struggling to get up from my chair. Since coming to Ovation, I feel better. Your knowledge, patience, and understanding in chiropractic care have alleviated my lower back pain. In addition, I now have confidence that I can do things and be pain-free. I believe in myself and I believe in chiropractic care.

The quality of your care has had a significant positive impact on my well-being. Quality is never an accident; it is the result of the high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution of people working together towards common goals. The aura of compassion and good-nature which permeates your place of work is tangible. I thank [Dr. Siscoe], Harry, and Becki for taking time to be the best that you can be.
The Ovation Chiropractic & Wellness Center & Wellness Center is, indeed, achieving 'ultimate distinction'. Thank you for making tomorrow a vision of hope."

- Bob W.

"I came to [Ovation Chiropractic & Wellness Center] with headaches, migraines, neck pain, and mid-upper back pain that affected my daily functionality. Since the very first visit I have not had a recurrence of headaches and my neck/back pain has been minimal. I am so very grateful for everything the doctors at Ovation Chiropractic & Wellness Center have done for me. From now until always I will recommend others to this office! Thank you oh so very much."

- Emily R.

"Since I started my chiropractic treatment, I am very pleased to say that I no longer need my allergy medication! I also am waking up in less pain as each day progresses. I am more optimistic about my future health now than ever before!"

- Jane C.

"As a Home Ec. teacher, I spend about half of my day carrying and unloading groceries, as well as getting equipment out, setting it up and putting it away. I do a lot of sewing in my spare time to make samples for class. I also have been in a bowling league for the past twenty years. Since I exercise, I have always thought of myself as being in shape.

I noticed the signs of age setting in over the past few years. I have been feeling tired, partly because I could not get comfortable enough to sleep through the night. I also started getting pain in my left hand that I assumed was arthritis. In the past few years I also began experiencing the symptoms of 'candida.' I also noticed that I would get a cold every year aroun Thanksgiving weekend that would last until Christmas, and usually wouldn't go away unless I went to the doctor for medicine.

In October I was at a restaurant with friends when suddenly I felt extreme pain in my lower back. I could barely get up an walk to my car. I have never felt back pain like this in my life. I had been to a chiropractor for a neck problem so I figured it was time to visit again. I looked through the phone book for a chiropractor near my home. I called [Ovation Chiropractic & Wellness Center] in Dresher and tehy were able to see me that day.

As it turned out, my back was way out of alignment! This was basically from years of my everyday activities. I started treatment three times a week along with exercises every day to help loosen up my muscles for movementom October to December i noticed my "symptoms of aging" dissapear. I didn't have any more arthritis pain, sleep problems, or candida. It's also been over a year since my last cold. As my back went back to proper alignment, my nerve flow went back to normal. I haven't felt this good in years. I am down to daily excercises and weekly visits. I am very grateful to Ovation Chiropractic & Wellness Center. I was so fed up with feeling tired and lousy all the time. I am getting old but I don't feel old! Thank you!"

- Anita A.


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